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full leatha jacket

Haven't posted in a while, but a lot has gone on this past week!

I had a jobby interview last Thursday for an actual real-life grownup job that pays 35k and has full benefits. They called my references, which is a great sign. But they mentioned in the interview that they think I may be overqualified. Kind of bizarre. I'm having an awful time finding ANY job (presumably because I'm UNDERqualified), but now the opposite. Still waiting to hear! It would be really difficult to take classes and work there at the same time (40 hour week, flexible hours for events etc). So, we'll see.

I have another interview today at... a gym. Me. Thankfully (for them and for me), it's a position in reception, which I think should be very doable. Two giant pluses: very flexible hours and days, and a free membership. It's a really nice gym, where I used to go in high school, but it just got way too expensive for how much I was using it. Not really sure what to wear. They say that you should wear a full suit and heels to every interview, regardless of where or for what job, but I think that would be really overkill here. Khakis, a black top and tan heels?

I also went to see Scottypants for a few days- we went to his cousin's wedding about a half hour north of me. He has such a huge family, it's hard to keep everyone's name straight. I've decided to write a family tree on a piece of paper so I'm better prepared for next time.

Caleb left for school today, so we went for a long walk last night and chatted about his vacation and what we've both been up to. It's so strange to not be going back to anywhere. Or even going anywhere.

Very excited for school to start! I have all my classes picked out, but I'm thinking of moving them around a little. Every time I have even the smallest doubt about what I'm doing, I read something or see something that reminds me why housing is so important and I get excited all over again. Classes start the Tuesday after WINGFEST! I have two classes that night, one from 4-6 and one from 6-8. I'm a bit skeptical of how I'll be able to get from one to the other on time (it's about 4 blocks in 10 minutes, and that's if the class doesn't run over), but they said it should be no problem at the info sesh. Orientation is on Monday, and then there's a happy hour for my program Wednesday night. I'm nervous to go. Let's hope I get up the confidence to walk into a bar, where I will know no one, by myself.

Shock Top and makin it work tonight. Just isn't the same without a full living room :(



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