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Sep. 17th, 2008

It's been really tough to find time to post, but here's a quick up date before I pass out in a fiendish way.

I am absolutely in love with my school. The work, however, is completely overwhelming. I don't think I did anywhere near the amount of reading in an entire UB semester than I've done in the last two and a half weeks. My professors are really engaging, and I think I will really enjoy my time there.

Things with Scott are ridiculously amazing and I love him in a way than I thought would never be a possibility for me with anyone. He is wonderful and we enjoy city life and all the pugs and pizza that come with it.

This is awful and boring to read, but I have been hunting moths since I got home tonight and am looking very much forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning.


full leatha jacket

Haven't posted in a while, but a lot has gone on this past week!

I had a jobby interview last Thursday for an actual real-life grownup job that pays 35k and has full benefits. They called my references, which is a great sign. But they mentioned in the interview that they think I may be overqualified. Kind of bizarre. I'm having an awful time finding ANY job (presumably because I'm UNDERqualified), but now the opposite. Still waiting to hear! It would be really difficult to take classes and work there at the same time (40 hour week, flexible hours for events etc). So, we'll see.

I have another interview today at... a gym. Me. Thankfully (for them and for me), it's a position in reception, which I think should be very doable. Two giant pluses: very flexible hours and days, and a free membership. It's a really nice gym, where I used to go in high school, but it just got way too expensive for how much I was using it. Not really sure what to wear. They say that you should wear a full suit and heels to every interview, regardless of where or for what job, but I think that would be really overkill here. Khakis, a black top and tan heels?

I also went to see Scottypants for a few days- we went to his cousin's wedding about a half hour north of me. He has such a huge family, it's hard to keep everyone's name straight. I've decided to write a family tree on a piece of paper so I'm better prepared for next time.

Caleb left for school today, so we went for a long walk last night and chatted about his vacation and what we've both been up to. It's so strange to not be going back to anywhere. Or even going anywhere.

Very excited for school to start! I have all my classes picked out, but I'm thinking of moving them around a little. Every time I have even the smallest doubt about what I'm doing, I read something or see something that reminds me why housing is so important and I get excited all over again. Classes start the Tuesday after WINGFEST! I have two classes that night, one from 4-6 and one from 6-8. I'm a bit skeptical of how I'll be able to get from one to the other on time (it's about 4 blocks in 10 minutes, and that's if the class doesn't run over), but they said it should be no problem at the info sesh. Orientation is on Monday, and then there's a happy hour for my program Wednesday night. I'm nervous to go. Let's hope I get up the confidence to walk into a bar, where I will know no one, by myself.

Shock Top and makin it work tonight. Just isn't the same without a full living room :(

all i wanna do *bang bang bang bang*

I am, quite literally, having a panic attack over all the stuff I still need to do in the next two and a half weeks.

School Stuff:
-Complete UB Exit Loan Counseling (done today)
-Complete new Entrance Loan Counseling (done today)
-Print and complete Deferment Form (printed today)
-Waive health insurance (first must make sure will actually have health insurance)
-Buy textbooks (not posted yet, that gives me a little break)
-Research train station permits
-Buy first of 5 ten trip passes

Life Stuff:
-Change gyno appointment
-Make nurse's visit appointment for tetanus booster (Friday at 11)
-Make eye doctor appointment
-Call insurance company and fight over 2 denied claims
-Find new primary physician
-Get bloodwork done for new primary physician
-Finish Scotty's bday present!
-Find dress for wedding

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. I mailed in my health forms yesterday.

Fine, I know I've had all summer to do this. But who can blame me for not? Is there ONE thing on that list that sounds even remotely easy or straightforward? Aside from making the present and dress shopping, obv. SO over being adulty. And I'm not even close to being a full-fledged adulty yet.

taking advantage of the low-lying mangoes

I had such an incredible day yesterday, it sort of set a different tune for the whole summer (sort of). It's not even like I did anything soooo out of the ordinary, it just sort of reminded me how lucky I am for having what I have.

Scott came to visit, and we went bowling like old times. But this time, in White Plains. One huge difference between Buffalo and the real world: bowling here was $6 a game PER person, and $2.50 to rent shoes. Per foot. We had a blast, even though the bar wasn't open and I kept drooling on the extensive martini menu. Showed Scott around the city, and we ended up at Cheesecake Factory with a seat by the window. It's a very vacation-y restaurant set-up: it's on Bloomingdale Road, which is right at the edge of the city where it's very green and beautiful, and the whole front of the restaurant is floor to ceiling windows. We had a great meal (bailed on the cheesecake since I couldn't see eating one more bite after devouring the bread basket), came back to my house and relaxed a bit, and then he headed home. Went out for ice cream at tiny trendy ice cream shop with Biffle and Bud and just rolled around outside for a while. Home, made some phone calls and watched my fab night of TV shows (I hate Craig). I felt so relaxed and peaceful that it took no effort to fall asleep. First time for that since Buffalo.

I heart Judge Milian.

Still no dress.

I finished applying to a job last night that I really, really, really would like to have. However, I'm starting to learn that to get any job at all in nonprofit work, you must have experience in nonprofit work. Obviously, you're supposed to custom tailor each cover letter for each position. I actually started from scratch last night, and spent about an hour and a half writing a letter that (I think) really highlights my understanding of the organization, as well as the skill set I'm bringing to the table. At a certain point, you just want to write "I know I can do this job more with more enthusiasm than anyone else, I know I'm just out of college but give me a chance to prove I know my shit. Please. Please please please I have starving pugs to feed. Please." I'm trying to hold onto the last bit of occupational dignity I have. But the statement above may soon make its way into an email if I don't start seeing some results. I'll know in a week, trying to be positive.

Gave Scott one of his birthday gifts (he'll be 22 on Wednesday!). It was piggy bank that is pug shaped. It was both larger than I expected (that's what she said), but also... well endowed. That's right. The puggy bank, advertised as being a tool to help children learn about saving, has a penis. Which I did not discover until after I had already handed over the gift. Talk about embarrassment.

Is it a crime to go back to sleep?

not down with the clown

Sometimes, when I'm feeling a bit low, I do something really self indulgent and let my mom take me grocery shopping at Trader Joe's. I went to the one in Yonkers today, and my confidence in why New York is better than other places was bolstered. A brief snippet of my treasures today:

-Sea Salt Brownies (oh man.)
-Chipotle Lime Chicken Burgers
-Masala Burgers (potatoes, peas and spices)
-Madras Lentils (lentils and kidney beans in red sauce)
-Dried Mangosteen (weird fruit from Thailand)
-Green Tea Mochi (ice cream balls wrapped in gummy crust)
-Thai Mango Salsa (giant chunks of mango, cilantro, jalapeno and red onion, plus a tiny packet of hot chili sauce for the daring)
-Roasted Frozen Corn
-Fresh Basil Pesto Chicken Sausages
-Penne Arrabiatta (Frozen)
-Vanana Yogurt (Vanilla and Banana)

There, I'm huge. But actually, there was def more than that, but the whole bill only came to POCKET CHANGE compared to how I used to grocery shop. And so much of this stuff is hormone free and organic too. Healthy! Next step- no meat.

Still can't find a suitable dress for wedding next weekend. WHAT on EARTH does a young trendy lady wear to a 'casual' wedding while trying to look hot, but also preparing to be around boyfriend's family and potentially being photographed?

It is incredibly cold out for summer. I will sleep with all the windows open and under my spider net.


I need to make a rule for myself. NO MORE looking at apartments until I can actually afford one. It's such a let down.

Also, my mom is thinking of letting me get a pug. That's all I've got today.
A hazard of driving they don't tell you about: severe back pain. Cause: driving too gangsta and far from the steering wheel. I am 60% crippled since about 2pm. (Oh. Yeah. I'm Danica Patrick.)

My mom's cute. She's "staying up" to see something on TV that starts at 12:30, but she can't keep her eyes open. So I figured I'd sit down here and wait for it to come on, and then I will run to her room and wake her up so she doesn't miss it. No matter what, I can't fall asleep before 3 now. Such is a symptom of this lifestyle. Not complaining especially.

The new Coke 20oz bottles are infuriating. Those stupid shallow caps, there is no possible way any being without nine opposable thumbs can close them on the first try. And those new 'eco-friendly' Poland Spring bottles that are made of 95% water weenie and buckle and fly out of your hand every time you go to grab some Hs and one O.


I'm trying some new and inventive ways of getting exercise. Yoga DVD doesn't feel like it's effective, I feel slightly more calm but I think it's just from closing my eyes and getting sleepy (yes, I can, and will, sleep sitting on a hardwood floor in spandex). Cleaning, though, seems to be the frontrunner. Washing the top of the fridge is good for stretching, and then scrubbing out the bathtub was the cardio portion. The cool-down: sitting on the tiny wooden rocking horse in the porch and eating a well deserved ice pop- the exercise here comes from the rocking.

What is wrong with me that I'm not this glamorous? I don't know if it's even possible to do that at home, or if the goal is to make us feel like inferior females. I have enough trouble with a simple lowgrade blowout. I doubt I'd survive the head whipping. And who smiles when they do their hair? I'm usually in tears because it's six times the size I had hoped for, or I've ran the straightner through it so much that it smells like a tire factory. I'm doing really well with the current half bottle of spray gel and scrunching, thanks. Fine, don't bring me to the VMAs. They don't have any Pringles there anyway.

Trader Joe's Mango Lemonade= Dead'd

Now that my jaw works for the first time since last night, I'm comfortable enough with my face that an update was allowed. Don't ask. That appointment was bad news- swallowed approx. 10 liters of blood and was unable to speak not like a robot for several hours after the initial drugs wore off. Just wait til I have the wisdom tooth removed soon, I plan to be a regular bitch on wheels for a while. Over it.

I would really like to be a house flipper, as per Jeff Lewis on Flipping Out. I don't dig the nomadic lifestyle, since he lives in one project at a time. But I plan on being wealthy enough that that isn't necessary. How do you even get involved in that to begin with? Who has enough money in the bank for their first spec house? I hope he writes a biography so that I can be his protege. From afar. Since I don't enjoy lifting dog poop or taking the bus. Secretly, I also watch because I find his lips hypnotizing in a really awkward way, and his cat Monkey is my soulmate. After Stormy.

Grad school sent me a Facebook Fan Request and posted on my wall. Yay!

Grad school sent me a math test via email that I have to take in order to start classes. Boo! (Honestly, it's not difficult stuff. But since I haven't taken a math class in yee-hee-heeeeears, besides Economics which I barely took, I'm gonna need some refreshing. They offer review classes a few times this month, but that means another $20 trip into New York. I think I'll just tough it out and try to mentally transport myself back to Ms. Gim's Sequential 3 horrow show.)

Taking a break from "Last Exit to Brooklyn" and "The Fattening of America", I'm reading this:


(Animal, Vegetable, Miracle- A Year of Food Life, Barbara Kingsolver)

Why does Buffalo Wingfest always fall at such a bad time??? Maybe they're locally grown chickens.
Yeah. Probably.

Real-life newsfeed

Sadly, it's been brought to my attention that New York and Taylor Made have made the split.

What a coincidence, considering her new show starts tonight (VH1- I will be there with a cold Vanilla Coke and possssssssibly a pudding cup for both her show and the Diddy show, despite my bitterness about not being involved in the casting, filming, or rain-making). Also, news yesterday that a sex tape of her and an ex-boyfriend has been leaked. I honestly don't think I could stomach watching it, the Montauk Monster gave me all the gag I needed for one week.

Who knows if any of this is real, but if it is, I kind of feel for her. Fine, she's got some tude, but I was really rooting for her. Everyone deserves a happy ending, and she's been through her fair share of losers. (Yeah, I called Flav a loser- after this season's finale, he lost my Fan Club membership dues for good). I can't imagine how you could really be 'in love' with anyone in the three weeks each show is filmed, but if any of them really do fall for the New Rock Flav Bachlorette Millionaire, how sad the ending really is. Especially for someone like New York, 4x.

Danny: Haha, you and your reality dependency.

Indeed. My phone will be on silent post 8pm, as I will be drugged up on painkillers following Dental Bloodbath 2008 Part 4 and completely entranced by Diddy's swagga.

FLASHING, lights?

New journal!

First official order of business- this weekend was unreal. For graduation, Scott had gotten us tickets to Walking With Dinosaurs at MSG. The dinos were only around for the weekend, and doing three shows a day (hard work, I hope they're unionized), so we had standing plans for the 3pm show on Saturday. Earlier this week, Biffle discovered that, kinda like Free Zoo Wednesdays, the Brooklyn Aquarium has Free Aquarium Fridays (after 3pm). So we drove down to Brooklyn and screwed around Coney Island (which was a first for both of us... probably a last). The highlight, by far, was eating at the original Nathan's on the boardwalk- it was almost an hour wait on the line for exactly one corn dog, one small Diet Coke and a bottle of Ye Olde Nathan's H20, which we speculated was probably being piped in from the ocean hourly. Spent a few more minutes sliming around the boardwalk in some pretty godawful heat, and hit up the aquarium. Recall, it's only free after 3, so there was a pretty huge crowd of people waiting at 2:52. Oblivious to life, we were chatting up one of the line attendants and ooops, cut the entire line of Ruskis and were the first into the exhibit.


SICK day. Small aquarium, so it was a quick trip. I never realized how unimaginably huge a full-grown walrus is. I doubt it would fit in my room. Which is a shame, since they are also much more handsome than I thought they'd be.

He is the Walrus.

Got my first view of King's Highway, learned about the Q train, and braved Flatbush LIRR, and ended the day in Scotty's house. Aka Haven Vacation Island of Wonderful Food and Kisses.

Dinosaurs was insane. I don't think it should come as a shock to ANYONE that this was the perfect gift to get me, and Scotty picked it out all by himself. I don't think I could have been more excited, and took incessant pictures through the whole thing. It's basically a huge stage show where a bogus actor dressed like Indiana Jones explains the evolution of dinosaurs, and narrates their battles and interactions.


The dinos are life-sized, or fossil sized I guess, and either have humans inside if they're small, or they glide around on these big blocks if they're big. It was such a cool experience, and I wasn't nearly as scared as I thought I would be. (I did require some hand-holding when the big T Rex kept screaming unpredictably.) Some fooding and some shopping ensued, and then another tearful goodbye at Penn Station.

FYI- Penn Station has been hiding a Cinnabon stand from me. Suggestions that the heavenly odor was coming from a Hot and Crusty (sp?) went unfounded, and I was absolutely delighted and horrified at the same time when we passed the offending establishment this weekend. I held myself back from buying one, but next time I'm in that train station, shit's gonna go down. How unfair that all the best food is for Long Islanders? Ralph's Ices, Krispy Kreme, and now Cinnabons. I demand to be born there next time around.

This week will be all about room restoration. There will be a lot of throwing things and glass breaking and gnashing of teeth, but when all is said and done, I hope to have both a new desk and a new piece of storage furniture- can't decide between a new TV hutch or a wardrobe-esque thing. I suppose I shouldn't be going batshit over spending until I know approx. how long I'll be living here. I'm considering just moving my mattress to the floor and reading next to a bare bulb to prepare myself for life in my future apartment.