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FLASHING, lights?

New journal!

First official order of business- this weekend was unreal. For graduation, Scott had gotten us tickets to Walking With Dinosaurs at MSG. The dinos were only around for the weekend, and doing three shows a day (hard work, I hope they're unionized), so we had standing plans for the 3pm show on Saturday. Earlier this week, Biffle discovered that, kinda like Free Zoo Wednesdays, the Brooklyn Aquarium has Free Aquarium Fridays (after 3pm). So we drove down to Brooklyn and screwed around Coney Island (which was a first for both of us... probably a last). The highlight, by far, was eating at the original Nathan's on the boardwalk- it was almost an hour wait on the line for exactly one corn dog, one small Diet Coke and a bottle of Ye Olde Nathan's H20, which we speculated was probably being piped in from the ocean hourly. Spent a few more minutes sliming around the boardwalk in some pretty godawful heat, and hit up the aquarium. Recall, it's only free after 3, so there was a pretty huge crowd of people waiting at 2:52. Oblivious to life, we were chatting up one of the line attendants and ooops, cut the entire line of Ruskis and were the first into the exhibit.


SICK day. Small aquarium, so it was a quick trip. I never realized how unimaginably huge a full-grown walrus is. I doubt it would fit in my room. Which is a shame, since they are also much more handsome than I thought they'd be.

He is the Walrus.

Got my first view of King's Highway, learned about the Q train, and braved Flatbush LIRR, and ended the day in Scotty's house. Aka Haven Vacation Island of Wonderful Food and Kisses.

Dinosaurs was insane. I don't think it should come as a shock to ANYONE that this was the perfect gift to get me, and Scotty picked it out all by himself. I don't think I could have been more excited, and took incessant pictures through the whole thing. It's basically a huge stage show where a bogus actor dressed like Indiana Jones explains the evolution of dinosaurs, and narrates their battles and interactions.


The dinos are life-sized, or fossil sized I guess, and either have humans inside if they're small, or they glide around on these big blocks if they're big. It was such a cool experience, and I wasn't nearly as scared as I thought I would be. (I did require some hand-holding when the big T Rex kept screaming unpredictably.) Some fooding and some shopping ensued, and then another tearful goodbye at Penn Station.

FYI- Penn Station has been hiding a Cinnabon stand from me. Suggestions that the heavenly odor was coming from a Hot and Crusty (sp?) went unfounded, and I was absolutely delighted and horrified at the same time when we passed the offending establishment this weekend. I held myself back from buying one, but next time I'm in that train station, shit's gonna go down. How unfair that all the best food is for Long Islanders? Ralph's Ices, Krispy Kreme, and now Cinnabons. I demand to be born there next time around.

This week will be all about room restoration. There will be a lot of throwing things and glass breaking and gnashing of teeth, but when all is said and done, I hope to have both a new desk and a new piece of storage furniture- can't decide between a new TV hutch or a wardrobe-esque thing. I suppose I shouldn't be going batshit over spending until I know approx. how long I'll be living here. I'm considering just moving my mattress to the floor and reading next to a bare bulb to prepare myself for life in my future apartment.



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