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taking advantage of the low-lying mangoes

I had such an incredible day yesterday, it sort of set a different tune for the whole summer (sort of). It's not even like I did anything soooo out of the ordinary, it just sort of reminded me how lucky I am for having what I have.

Scott came to visit, and we went bowling like old times. But this time, in White Plains. One huge difference between Buffalo and the real world: bowling here was $6 a game PER person, and $2.50 to rent shoes. Per foot. We had a blast, even though the bar wasn't open and I kept drooling on the extensive martini menu. Showed Scott around the city, and we ended up at Cheesecake Factory with a seat by the window. It's a very vacation-y restaurant set-up: it's on Bloomingdale Road, which is right at the edge of the city where it's very green and beautiful, and the whole front of the restaurant is floor to ceiling windows. We had a great meal (bailed on the cheesecake since I couldn't see eating one more bite after devouring the bread basket), came back to my house and relaxed a bit, and then he headed home. Went out for ice cream at tiny trendy ice cream shop with Biffle and Bud and just rolled around outside for a while. Home, made some phone calls and watched my fab night of TV shows (I hate Craig). I felt so relaxed and peaceful that it took no effort to fall asleep. First time for that since Buffalo.

I heart Judge Milian.

Still no dress.

I finished applying to a job last night that I really, really, really would like to have. However, I'm starting to learn that to get any job at all in nonprofit work, you must have experience in nonprofit work. Obviously, you're supposed to custom tailor each cover letter for each position. I actually started from scratch last night, and spent about an hour and a half writing a letter that (I think) really highlights my understanding of the organization, as well as the skill set I'm bringing to the table. At a certain point, you just want to write "I know I can do this job more with more enthusiasm than anyone else, I know I'm just out of college but give me a chance to prove I know my shit. Please. Please please please I have starving pugs to feed. Please." I'm trying to hold onto the last bit of occupational dignity I have. But the statement above may soon make its way into an email if I don't start seeing some results. I'll know in a week, trying to be positive.

Gave Scott one of his birthday gifts (he'll be 22 on Wednesday!). It was piggy bank that is pug shaped. It was both larger than I expected (that's what she said), but also... well endowed. That's right. The puggy bank, advertised as being a tool to help children learn about saving, has a penis. Which I did not discover until after I had already handed over the gift. Talk about embarrassment.

Is it a crime to go back to sleep?



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