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Trader Joe's Mango Lemonade= Dead'd

Now that my jaw works for the first time since last night, I'm comfortable enough with my face that an update was allowed. Don't ask. That appointment was bad news- swallowed approx. 10 liters of blood and was unable to speak not like a robot for several hours after the initial drugs wore off. Just wait til I have the wisdom tooth removed soon, I plan to be a regular bitch on wheels for a while. Over it.

I would really like to be a house flipper, as per Jeff Lewis on Flipping Out. I don't dig the nomadic lifestyle, since he lives in one project at a time. But I plan on being wealthy enough that that isn't necessary. How do you even get involved in that to begin with? Who has enough money in the bank for their first spec house? I hope he writes a biography so that I can be his protege. From afar. Since I don't enjoy lifting dog poop or taking the bus. Secretly, I also watch because I find his lips hypnotizing in a really awkward way, and his cat Monkey is my soulmate. After Stormy.

Grad school sent me a Facebook Fan Request and posted on my wall. Yay!

Grad school sent me a math test via email that I have to take in order to start classes. Boo! (Honestly, it's not difficult stuff. But since I haven't taken a math class in yee-hee-heeeeears, besides Economics which I barely took, I'm gonna need some refreshing. They offer review classes a few times this month, but that means another $20 trip into New York. I think I'll just tough it out and try to mentally transport myself back to Ms. Gim's Sequential 3 horrow show.)

Taking a break from "Last Exit to Brooklyn" and "The Fattening of America", I'm reading this:


(Animal, Vegetable, Miracle- A Year of Food Life, Barbara Kingsolver)

Why does Buffalo Wingfest always fall at such a bad time??? Maybe they're locally grown chickens.
Yeah. Probably.



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